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WKF Senior World Championships 2020 - POSTPONED TO 2021 Last update of this site: 2020-07-07 09:04:3 WKF Senior World Championships 2020 - POSTPONED TO 2021 , 2020.11.17 - 2020.11.22 (UAE WKF,ranking,sportdata. Home; Ranking; Sportdata.org; Home; Ranking; Sportdata.org; WKF Ranking. Official Ranking. Show ranking. WKF RANKING - RANKED EVENTS Competitors; Categories; Continents; KARATE1; Events; Info; Print; All Time Ranking; Ranking APP; CSV EXPORT; TOKYO 2020 Standings; YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE PROFILE? FOLLOW THIS LINK TO MERGE YOUR PROFILES. Date Event Results Medal Statistic. wkf,ranking,sportdata. you have more than one profile? follow this link to merge your profiles

wkf,ranking,sportdata,world karate federation. Home; Categories; Home; Categories; TOKYO 2020 Standings. Official WKF TOKYO 2020 Standings. Show standings. Last release: 21st May 2020 List of events included from 02 July 2018 (Start date of Qualification Period): - Karate1 Premier League - Berlin 2018 - Karate1 Series A - Santiago 2018 - Karate1 Premier League - Tokyo 2018 - WKF Senior World. If results are available, according to the WKF rules, they will be shown on the screen; Table of scores. All scores for Technical and Athleticism criterias from up to 7 Referees are saved in this rows; Scores can be entered manually here. Scores can be entered for both criterias for each referee: in this case Technical counts 70 % and Athleticism 30 %; If only one score per referee is entered. In World Karate Federation we use own and third-party cookies for analytical purposes, collecting statistical information of the use of the website and offer you a more personalized service

'Sportdata Event Technology' is a software solution for professional event management for all kind of sports. The 'sportdatalive' YouTube channel offers a hu.. Welcome to the WKF E-Learning Platform. Here you can find online courses for the WKF Accredited Coach License, as well as general rules and regulations, exams, games and quizzes and much more. You can simply manage your licenses and courses now online, track how long they are valid and renew anytime The WKF Ranking is the only official Karate ranking system. Ranked events are: • WKF Accredited Competiton • Karate1 World Cup / Karate1 Youth Cup • Karate1 Premier League • Continental Championships • Invitational Events (World Games, Martial Art Games) • WKF World Championship • Olympic Game Yesterday the algerian national television broadcasted a coverage about our eTournaments in presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports. #Sportdata..

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Sportdata. Tweets by @sportdatadotorg: Last Changes : 2020-11-25 00:26:14 Golden League Karate eTournament Series #4 - The Final - Ranked event: 2020-11-24 16:19:54 e-Nikolo Karate Austria Nachwuchscup sponsored by HAYASHI: 2020-11-24 15:14:41 3RD DUTCH OPEN E-TOURNAMENT - SPONSORED BY HAYASHI - 2020-11-24 15:13:58 International Karate WROCŁAW OPEN ADIDAS CUP 2020: 2020-11-24 14:27:02 4. Welcome to the Sportdata Academy Platform. Here you can find online courses, seminars, trainings and e-learning materials # Sportdata # eTournament # Markham # CityOpen # eKata # Karate # Stayactive # Staystrong. See More. Sportdata. 18 hrs · ‼️ Register now for the new event- Inner Strength Martial Arts 1st INTERNATIONAL E-TOURNAMENT E-KATA AND E-KUMITE CHAMPIONSHIPS. The event is open to all karateka no matter what affiliation you are under. ️ Times are hard with the covid 19 with big competitions. Vous êtes pratiquant ? Ce site est votre Dojo ! Karate-K.com, c'est le point de rencontre de tous les Karaté, de l'olympique WKF au traditionnel IKO, le rendez-vous de tous les styles, d'Okinawa ou du Japon : le Goju ryu, le Kyokushinkaï, le Shito ryu, le Shotokan, le Shorin ryu, l'Uechi ryu, le Wado ryu, c'est le lieu d'échanges des Senseï, professeurs et champions

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  1. Welcome to Sportdata Event Technology Online (SET Online)! Sportdata. Tweets by @sportdatadotorg: Last Changes : 2020-11-26 12:30:07 SUPER FINAL 5# Katana IC League # 3500 eur for all category awards# 2020-11-26 11:55:51 e-Nikolo Karate Austria Nachwuchscup sponsored by HAYASHI : 2020-11-26 07:08:24 West Otago Multi Style martial arts tournament : 2020-11-25 19:24:05 ATHLETES E-TOURNAMENT.
  2. WKF kids U12 & U21 Cup Compétitions Étapes Épreuves 2008 Karate1 Youth Cup: Chalcis: 2009 Karate1 Youth Cup: Chalcis: 2010 Karate1 Youth Cup: Corfou: 2011 Karate1 Youth Cup: Loutráki: 2012 Karate1 Youth Cup [93]. Corfou: 2013 Karate1 Youth Cup: Salzbourg: 2014 Karate1 Youth Cup [94] Umag: 2015 Karate1 Youth Cup [95], [96] Umag: 66 2016 Karate1 Youth Cup [97] Umag: 87 2017 Karate1 Youth Cup.
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  4. WKF Event Update: 1st Open Balkan School Karate Games (SRB) https://t.co/GHt7TPzTe

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WKF - WORLD KOBUDO FEDERATION ÖSTERREICH VEREINIGUNG NICHTOLYMPISCHER BUDOSPORTARTEN ÖSTERREICHS USAGE OF SPORTDATA.ORG Create a club If you follow the LINK to the platform of the WORLD KOBUDO FEDERATION on SPORTDATA.ORG, there is a Login-button in the upper right corner. There you can create your club for FREE. It is sufficient to fill in the mandatory fields (*). Attention: When you. 18,288 people follow this. About See All. www.sportdata.or Sportdata, Herisau. 17K likes. SET - Software solutions for professional event management Visit us on http://www.sportdata.or Die WKF ist am Erarbeiten eines Datenkalenders 2021/22. Die heutige Word Karate Federation (WKF) wurde 1970 in Tokio unter dem Namen World Union of Karate-Do Organization (WUKO) gegründet. 1992 änderte die WUKO ihren Namen in WKF. 1985 wurde die damalige WUKO erstmals vom IOC anerkannt, 1999 erfolgte die definitive Anerkennung Supported modes: Light Contact, Full Contact, K1, 10:9 (Boxing, MMA,...), Forms, Kata, Pattern, ITF Scoring, WAKO Scoring, Video Review Request, SET Scoring App.

Examination questions (click to visit WKF website Judges & Referees section) EKF Referee Course Application Form. Rules & Statutes. Download EKF Organising Rules. EKF Statutes - [English] EKF Statuts - [French] EKF Estatutos - [Spanish] Download EKF Disciplinary and Legal Rules. Competition rules [WKF RULES,click to visit wkf website rules section] HQ Office. EKF President: Mr. Antonio Espinos. ‼️ SPORTDATA is presenting a new platform for online courses and training to support your projects. Using the latest technological solutions offered by the SPORTDATA ACADEMY, you have the opportunity to reach people all over the world without any restrictions. Register today and discover the benefits of the new system WKF CURRENT RANKING - CONTINENTS Competitors; Categories; Continents; KARATE1; Events; Info; Print; All Time Ranking; Ranking APP; CSV EXPORT; TOKYO 2020 Standings; YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE PROFILE? FOLLOW THIS LINK TO MERGE YOUR PROFILES. Rank Continent Total Points; 1: European Karate Federation (EKF) 293760.00: 2: African Karate Federation (UFAK) 193155.00: 3: Panamerican Karate Federation.

Get the WKF Accredited Coach license now online. Close Go To Course. Valdesi Karate Academy. Course Description Valdesi Karate Academy × Welcome to the Valdesi Karate Academy as a Member! As a member you profit by: videos and other training materials; recording of past seminars; free entry or discounts to activities, like seminars, exams, individual trainings,... free entry or discounts to. La WKF vient d'éditer le calendrier prévisionnel des compétitions pour l'année 2021. Celui-ci commence en février. L'Open de Paris n'est ainsi pas inscrit dans les événements WKF officiels. Trois Premier League (Lisbonne en février, Bakou en mars et surtout Rabat, qualificatif pour Tokyo en avril) et trois championnats continentaux sont programmés avant le tournoi de.

WKF Ranking The WKF Ranking is the only official Karate ranking system.Ranked events are:WKF Accredited CompetitonKarate1 World Cup / Karate1 Youth... August 23, 2020 By Sportdata Sportdata Aujourd'hui, à 06:00 ‼️ Now the time has come for the only one and official World Cup eTo urnament promoted by the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) ‼️ ITF TAEKWON-DO WORLD OPEN E-TOURNAMENT 2020 will be held from 3rd to 23rd of October 2020 Norges Kampsportforbund ved karate-seksjonens WKF-grenutvalg, har igjen gleden av å invitere karate-talenter fra hele Norge til kick off, og en god start på høstsesongen! Kick off høsten 2020 arrangeres ved landslagsanlegget for karate og taekwondo på Skullerud 29. og 30. august. Vi er svært glade for å igjen kunne ønske velkommen til til kick off; og håper denne høst-utgaven blir. St. Gallerstrasse 53 CH - 9101 Herisau Switzerland CH - 300.9.016.263.-1 E-Mail: office(at)ch.sportdata.org Tel.: +43 676 370 460 Sportdata. Offizielles WAKO Deutschland Ranking. HKF Ranking. Sportdata. The official HKF Ranking APP. WMMAA Ranking. Sportdata. Official Ranking of the World Mixed Martial Arts Association. JJIF Ranking . Sportdata. Official Ranking of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation. SET Scoring. Sportdata. SET Scoring supports Light Contact, Full Contact, K1, 10:9, Forms and Kata. Polish Karate Union.

karate ranking sportdata. internet dejting meaning Sep 14, 2018 · The actual dan ranking system was devised by ,Hon'inbō Dōsaku (1645-1702) and applied to Go, a board game popular in the Far East. Learn More. The first Standings for Karate's debut in the next Olympic Games have been published thus officially opening the race to the qualification to the historic event La WKF: « les conséquences du report des Jeux Olympiques de Tokyo 2020 à 2021 ont été discutées, y compris le système de qualification qui a été révisé. Compte tenu du nouveau calendrier des Jeux olympiques et des conséquences de la pandémie du coronavirus, les modifications du calendrier des compétitions 2020 et 2021 ont été abordées » Attention: Please make sure to already have a valid WKF Accredited Coach license or higher level in order to enrol into this course! Course Contents. WKF Coach Programme. WKF Certified Kumite Coach Course. Get the WKF Certified Kumite Coach Course license now online . Attention: Please make sure to already have a valid WKF Accredited Coach license or higher level in order to enrol into this. wkf ? ? - 187 . . wkf. ? - wkf .

La Karate1 Premier League 2016 est la deuxième édition de la Karate1 Premier League, compétition mondiale de karaté établie cette année-là. Elle comporte dix étapes : Championship WKF 2020. szeptember 26. Avas Kupa 2020. szeptember 26. ORSZÁGOS / NATIONAL MISKOLC WKF 2020. november 7. Magyar WKF Karate Liga 2020. november 7-8. ORSZÁGOS / NATIONAL BÁTASZÉK WKF 2020. november 14. Sziget Kupa 2020. november 14. ORZÁGOS / NATIONAL TÖKÖL WKF [Original] - Sportdata.or La Fédération Mondiale de Karaté (WKF) a dévoilé le mardi 7 novembre dernier le calendrier international pour l'année 2018. Si trente événements seront au programme, seuls 22 intéresseront directement les karatékas français. En cette année paire, année des championnats du Monde seniors qui se tiendront en Espagne du 6 au 11 novembre, auront lieu également [ WKF Event Update: Karate1 Youth League - Caorle-Venice 2018 (ITA) https://t.co/VNB3s7jsk

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  1. Sportdata e-Tournament World Series - Kata #1. Registration . Other Item
  2. WKF Event Update: Karate1 Premier League - Paris 2017 (FRA) https://t.co/dQEDEwpLp
  3. istrate and monitor registrations quickly and comfortable! Sportdata offers you the chance to manage all event activities paperless. TEST SYSTEM. Singlebörse für sportliche Singles: SportyDate! Die Anmeldung und Basismitgliedschaft bei SportyDate ist kostenlos.Da bleibt Geld für neue Sportschuhe übrig. Immer und überall.
  4. Sensei's B. Sep 25, 2015 · Referees: WKF Manager (c) WKF and sportdata GmbH & Co KG 2000-2015(2015-09-25 21:22) v 8.4.0 build 1 License: SDIL Sportdata Internal License (expire 2016-01-01) Tatami Pool 4/44 Male Kata Karate1 Premier League - Coburg 2015 HUN196 NAGY BOTOND (HUN) GALÁN_LÓPEZ SERGIO (ESP) CZE156 Janda Lukáš (CZE) WKF-ID STOPPA MARCO (ITA) Dionisio Silvo. We offer positions.
  5. Sports-ID offers a comprehensive and highly flexible membership, ID card and event management solution for sports federations. The state of the art architecture has been designed to meet the dynamic and varied requirements at all levels of a sports organisation: International, intercontinental, national, regional, club and individual
  6. Mistrzostwa Polski Karate WKF. 391 likes · 1 talking about this. Sports Leagu

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  1. ‼️ NEW EVENT ‼️ Markham City Open 2020 eKata Championships will be held from 6th to 16th of November 2020. This is a virtual event where athletes' katas are seen and judged virtually by officials from all over the world. As a bonus, Elite athletes gets ranked by SportData. First place elite athletes in each division will also receive a gold medal by post
  2. Sportdata karate wkf 2017 ↓ tiorohotorr@docwikimob.ru; Sportdata karate wkf 2017
  3. WKF Event Update: WKF Coach Programme Umag 2018 (CRO) https://t.co/iBmSky0Ys
  4. Sportdata. I dag kl. 00:00 ‼️ Register now with the early bird discount for the best and the mos... t prestigious international Karate eTournament ‼️ ️ Registration for the 5th edition of the SPORTDATA eTournament WORLD SERIES Kata & Kumite sponsored by Arawaza is now OPEN! Athletes from 51 countries participated in the last edition! The largest number of participating.
  5. ‼️ Registration is now open for the ADIDAS KARATE WORLD OPEN SERIES E-TOURNAMENT 2020 #6 - KATA AND KUMITE ‼️ The next edition of one of the biggest eTournaments will be held from 4th to 14th December 2020. ️ All participants will get points in the official Sportdata e-tournament karate ranking and 10% All participants will ge
  6. WKF Event Update: Youth Olympic Games 2018 Qualification Tournament - PHASE 1 (CRO) https://t.co/Gv6YaQTAp
  7. Referees: (c)sportdata GmbH & Co KG 2000-2016(2016-09-04 13:19) -WKF Approved- v 9.0.5 build 1 License: SDIL Sportdata Internal License 2016 (expire 2016-12-3

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‼️ REGISTRATION FOR THE SECOND EDITION IS NOW OPEN ‼️ ECHAMPIONS TR... OPHY WORLD SERIES #2- KATA / KUMITE - will be held from October 23rd to November 2nd. All participants will get ranking points in the Sportdata eTournament Karate Ranking and the following awards: ️ Cash prize in Kata Categories: Cadet, Junior, U21 and Senior Inscription sur www.sportdata.org online des participants des coaches, des arbitres et d'autres représentants officiels la fin de l'inscription est mardi, 11 décembre 2018. Inscriptions last-minute sont possibles avec une taxe supplémentaire pour les participants aux dates d'accréditation suivantes: Inscription de dernière minute Vendredi 14 Decembre 2018 de 18h00 à 21h00 Pour.

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Sportdata eTournamet Series - Forms. Sportdata. 8 kwietnia · Amanda Armendariz - WAKO Senior Pan American Champion Musical Forms Weapons and Arturo Armendariz. Sportdata TEAM WKF Youth League UMAG 2019 屢 #Sportdata #EventTechnology #KarateOlympicSport #Karate #YouthLeague #uma International de Luxembourg Lion-Cup - Sportdata.or

CALSSMENT WKF. CALSSMENT WKF. federation algerienn ede karate. photos. FEDERATION ALGERIENNE DE KARATE. LICENCES. LICENCES. news. PASSAGE DE GRADE resultat clic ici:..... equipe national junior. Histoire du karaté shotokan. kata ( par hamza bilal) |En route pour les Jeux. Principe Energétique. master card payonner chez vous. photos . video. Plan du site. Activité récente sur le site. ‼️ Registration for the 2nd edition of MIYAMOTO MUSASHI is open. MIYAMOTO MISUSHI E-TOURNAMENT - FIVE RINGS - kata, kumite and para-karate will be held from 20th to 30th of October 2020. All participants will get ranking points in the Sportdata eTournament Karate Ranking and the following awards: All participants will get ranking points in th Sportdata. Hoje às 05:00 Register now for the 2nd edition of the ATHLETES E-TOURNAMENT CASH... AWARD €1000 | SERIES 2 RANKED EVENT ‼️ ️ NEW UPDATES PRIZES BETTER THAN BEFORE!! Check out the Bulletin Rules in the download section. Compete against professional and amateur athletes from all around the world, improve your skills and get amazing awards! Take up the challenge.

WKF Event Update: REFEREE COURSE KUMITE AT 17TH AKF CHAMPIONSHIP (JPN) https://t.co/FeQG1APd4 Providing workouts and education that leads to holistic fitness, health, and well being Sportdata has introduced a new way of online sports competitions, called eTournament. Compete wherever You want! Register now for free and challenge.. wkf free download - Karate WKF, Karate WKF, WKF Ranking, and many more program Sportdata. Данас у 02:00 ‼️ 2nd edition of the VENICE CUP - one of the biggest internatio... nal Karate tournament in the World will be held as eTournament from 20th to 30th of September 2020. Athletes from 38 countries registered for the Venice Cup #1 ! .

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  1. # Sportdata # Etournament # Kata # Karate # Stayhome # Stayactive # Staystrong # WKF. Afficher la suite. Karaté Algérie. 5 avril · اللهم اغفر له ولجميع المسلمين والمسلمات الأحياء منهم والأموات. اللهم ثبته بالقول الثابت، وارفع درجته، واغفر خطيئته، وثقل موازينه اللهم حاسبه.
  2. Sportdata, Herisau. Gefällt 17.424 Mal. SET - Software solutions for professional event management Visit us on http://www.sportdata.or
  3. Polish Open WKF, Bielsko-Biała. Tai patinka 4,1 tūkst. žmonių. The official fanpage of the best WKF event in Poland ! European and World Champions WKF !..

Ranking WKF Catégorie Olympique. Femme -55kg Tokyo 2020 Standing. Classement Olympique. 133 ème. 367.50 pts. Catégorie WKF. Femme -50kg Ranking WKF. Classement Mondial. 54 ème. 1042.00 pts. informations Née le 14 / 12 / 1997 à Paris (75) Taille : 163 cm Poids : 49,5 kg. SAISON 2020/2021. Membre du Pôle France - Karaté 2020; Club : Club Sportif et Loisirs de la Gendarmerie à Maisons.

WKF - NewsNEWS CENTER - MAIN | WORLD KARATE FEDERATIONSmai karate products | WKFWKF - Athletes per Category
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